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InnerSoul is a movement for your mind, body and soul. Established in 2011, InnerSoul has been at the forefront of the UK's rave scene producing sell out events up and down the UK. ​


The success story of InnerSoul has been widely recognised, being nominated twice in the "Best Club Event" category at the Bass Music Awards and being featured in dance music magazines such as DJ Mag and Drum and Bass arena.

InnerSoul is known throughout the industry as one of the few communities that celebrate rave culture through their love of Drum & Bass, supporting local music scenes and ravers alike.


InnerSoul consistently strives to support progressive line ups with new talent alongside the scene's standout DJs and MCs. Each lineup is curated to take the raver on a journey, with the aim of to attracting diverse crowds that know their music.

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The InnerSoul party ethos is simple, to create a night that the InnerSoul team would want to go to. With around 120 years worth of raving experience in the team it's fair to say we know what we want, and it turns out a lot of the UK's Drum & Bass listeners want the same thing!

At an InnerSoul event, expect a carefully curated line up featuring established acts as well as up and coming artists. MCs are matched with certain DJs to help each set stand out from the others. The flow of the night is designed to take you on a journey through the wonderful sound of Drum and Bass.

You can also expect surprises like full live bands, themed rooms on occasions, props for selfies, giveaways and other exciting ideas the team come up with. No two InnerSoul parties are the same. One month it could be at a small intimate venue for an album launch, and the next a huge lineup spread over 3 rooms with 1500 people. The idea has always been to create a unique, inclusive, friendly party atmosphere where people feel safe to let their hair down and dance like no one is watching!

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As of 2022, InnerSoul have been involved in over 45 parties up and down the UK, ranging in capacity sizes from 180 to 1500 people.  InnerSoul promote their own parties, being responsible for multiple rooms and line ups as well as hosting stages at festivals and rooms in other brands' events. We have worked in all sorts of venues such as muddy fields, bars and pubs and multi-room purpose built clubs such as Ministry of Sound. We are always seeking opportunities to work with others in the scene and beyond, helping to promote each others’ events and projects. We can provide everything from smaller resident line ups, right through to big line ups with the top artists in the scene and event promotion.

The flyers below are from events where InnerSoul has been the primary promotions company and responsible for the whole venue and branding. We strived to create an inclusive vibe within our branding and flyer design. Click each image for some background on the night as well as any media we have available. If you are interested in working with us and would like more information, including events we have been involved in that aren't listed here, please contact us.

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InnerSoul comprises of 6 resident DJs who are not only the founders of the brand, but who are also the brains behind the machine. Each DJ has a slightly different story to tell about their Drum and Bass journey and each has a rather unique music taste, making a Resident hosted night an eclectic musical adventure. In addition to their passion for liquid drum and bass, they all hold down jobs outside of the scene ranging from engineers to pilots, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to how they run the brand. Ultimately, it is their passion and love for the music that brought them together, making them life long friends and helping them create a well established and reputable name within the scene.

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